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Flying Blue Loyalty program

When joining the Flying Blue loyalty program, it is easy to earn and use Miles with Aircalin and over 72 partners. Your Miles are automatically credited to your Flying Blue account and allow you to earn an “Award ticket” to your favourite des­tination or enjoy the numerous offers that are exclusive to Flying Blue members.

The Flying Blue program has 4 membership levels: Explorer, Silver (also called Elite), Gold and Platinum (also called Elite Plus).

Each gives access to specific advantages and privileges. Your membership level is determined by the number of earned Experience Points (XP). The more you travel with Aircalin and the airline partners (Air France, KLM, Alitalia, Korean Air, Vietnam Airlines, Garuda…), the faster you will achieve a higher membership level and enjoy exclusive advantages.


How to join the Flying Blue program?

Joining the Flying Blue program is free, simple and fast.

  • Just go directly to and fill in the subscription form.
  • You will be able to claim your Miles earned on previous flights taken 3 months prior to your subscription.

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What are your Flying Blue benefits when travelling with Aircalin?

When travelling on Aircalin flights*, you enjoy the following Flying Blue advantages:

  • Experience Points (XP) earning, which allow you to reach a higher membership level (Silver, Gold or Platinum)
  • Miles earning that can be redeemed for reward tickets, upgrades and excess baggages 
  • Bonus of Elite to earn extra Miles for Elite (Silver) and Elite Plus (Gold and Platinum) members
  • Exclusive travelling conditions for Elite Plus (Gold and Platinum), Club 2000, Platinum for Life and Ultimate Platinum members

* An Aircalin flight means:

  • a flight marketed under Aircalin code (e.g. SB800) or Air France code (e.g. AF275), and
  • operated by Aircalin or one of our partners Air New Zealand (NZ), Qantas (QF), Air Tahiti Nui (TN) or Air Vanuatu (NF).


How to reach a higher membership level?

Experience points (« XP ») determine your membership status. Threshold of the different membership levels:

  • Explorer:  entry level (no threshold)
  • Silver: 100 XP
  • Gold: 180 XP
  • Platinum: 300 XP

The number of earned Experience points depend on the:

  • flight type (defined according to the distance in miles)  
  • travel cabin

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How to earn miles and experience points (XP) with Aircalin?

Miles and XP earning table on Aircalin flights

When travelling with Aircalin, you earn Miles depending on:

  • the travelled distance,
  • the booking class and
  • your membership level (Silver, Gold, Platinum), which allows you to benefit from an Elite Bonus to earn additional Miles.

Your Miles are converted in XP according to the travelled distance and cabin.

Flying blue

** For a one-way trip in Economy Class. You don’t earn Miles on domestic flights operated between Wallis and Futuna.

Miles earning table according to your booking class

Flying blue

Elite Bonus table accordind to your membership level

Thanks to your membership level, from Silver (or Elite), you earn an extra bonus of Miles.

  • Flying Blue Explorer: no bonus
  • Flying Blue Silver: 50% 
  • Flying Blue Gold: 75%
  • Flying Blue Platinum: 100%

Example of Miles Accrual Calculation

To calculate the Miles earned:

  • Distance travelled in miles X Booking Class earning percentage.

If you qualify for an Elite Bonus, you get additional Miles as follows:

  • (Distance travelled in miles X Booking Class Earning percentage) X Elite Bonus earning percentage.

This latter is applied to the distance multiplied by the Booking Class earning percentage. When calculating this Elite Bonus, the Booking Class earning percentage is capped at 100%.

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How to use your miles with Aircalin?

Once you have earned a certain level of Miles, you can redeem them for the following awards:

  • Award tickets on Aircalin's network, on Aircalin, Qantas or Air New Zealand operated flights 

Table of Reward Tickets on Aircalin flights

Flying blue

Return flight scheme is equivalent to the one-way scheme X 2.

  • Free upgrades on flights operated by Aircalin

Regardless of your booking class, spoil yourself to a reward upgrade on any of Aircalin's flights within its network.

 Table of Reward Upgrades on Aircalin flights

Flying blue

* Premium Economy cabin is not available on flights operated between Noumea and: Auckland, Melbourne, Wallis, Nadi, Port Vila, and Nadi and Wallis. Premium Economy cabin is available on flights operated between Noumea and Sydney, Brisbane on certain dates only.

  • Free extra baggage on flights operated by Aircalin
    • 1st piece of 23 kg: 10 000 Miles
    • 2nd piece of 23 kg: 40 000 Miles

Example for 2 extra baggages: 10 000 + 40 000 = 50 000 Miles

Example for 3 extra baggages: 10 000 + 40 000 + 40 000 = 90 000 Miles

  • A vast selection of goods and services in travel, tourism and retail (including in New Caledonia from over 10 partners)

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How to book a reward (ticket, upgrade, excess baggage)?

  • Contact your Flying Blue Service Centre, 48 hours before your departure date at the latest.

Contact your Flying Blue Service Centre

  •  Book your award ticket online until the day of your flight departure.     

Book your ticket online on Air France or KLM's website


  • Award tickets are subject to validity. They can be booked one way or return. 
  • Your award ticket is valid 1 year from the issuing date.
  • Airport and security taxes remain at your charge (amount confirmed at booking, to be paid to issue your ticket).
  • A fee of 45 € applies for any change or cancellation of an award ticket.

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What are your travel advantages with Aircalin?

When you travel with Aircalin, your loyalty is rewarded. As a Silver (Elite), Gold, Platinum (Elite Plus), Platinum for Life or Ultimate Platinum member, you have access to exclusive advantages.

Flying blue


Free Business Lounge access

* You also are entitled to your 2 free lounge entries when you are in transit and connecting to or from an international flight operated by Air France, KLM or another SkyTeam partner airline on the same day. You just need to present your
boarding pass of your previous or next international flight together with your Gold, Platinum or C2000 card. Business lounge access for your guest is subject to lounge availability.

Free extra baggage

** The extra baggage is checked all the way to your final destination when you are connecting to or from a flight operated by Air France, Hop!, Transavia, Joon, KLM or another SkyTeam partner airline on the same day.

Itinerary example: Noumea - Nice via Tokyo then Paris on a flight N°SB, AF or KL with a connecting flight Paris - Nice operated by Air France.

  • If you hold one single ticket including all your flights, the first operating carrier’s baggage allowance applies on your connecting flights

That is, in Economy: 3 PC x 23 kg from Noumea to Nice.

  • If you have two separate tickets (one Noumea – Paris via Tokyo and one Paris - Nice), each operating carrier’s baggage allowance applies.

That is, in Economy: 3 PC x 23 kg on Noumea - Paris via Tokyo flight; 2 PC x 23 kg on Paris - Nice flight.

Sponsored traveller

A sponsored customer travelling with a reward ticket booked by a sponsor, who is either Gold, Platinum, Platinum for Life, Ultimate Platinum or C2000 member, enjoy their sponsor's travel advantages (abiding by the same conditions).


COVID-19: what measures have been taken to preserve your miles and status?

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, Flying Blue has put in place several measures to reassure its members, in particular to preserve the validity of their Miles and their status.

Press release dated December 4, 2021:

In line with previous measures:

  • Extension of the validity of Miles for all Explorer members until the end of 2022. All miles expiring by the end of November 2021 will remain valid until December 31, 2022.
  • Renewal of status for all Elite members whose qualifying period runs from now until June 30, 2022.
  • As in 2020 and 2021, the XP surplus of Elite members is topped up (whose qualifying period runs from now through June 30, 2022) to match last year's surplus, if less. This way Elite members maintain or improve their status. The extra XP will be added the month after their new qualification period begins.
  • As countries gradually reopen their borders, it's time to plan your next trip. For any Air France, Aircalin and KLM flight between January 1 and June 30, 2022, you will automatically receive the 50% XP bonus. Enough to maintain your current status more easily or reach the next level faster.

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