www.aircalin.com protects and secures all your transactions, thanks to 3 systems:



Page encryption

While booking on our website, your data is encrypted and protected by the SSL certificate:

  • The URL address starts with https://, with an "s" for "security", which guarantees maximum security;
  • A small padlock appears in the left part of the address bar. This indicates that the data is being transmitted in a completely secure manner. 

3D Secure payment

3D Secure is a process for securing payments when shopping on the internet. It allows the buyer to be authenticated as the cardholder.

Below is a step-by-step guide to the 3D Secure authentication process on our website:


Step 1: Book your ticket and enter your credit card details

On the payment page, enter your credit card information: 

  • Your card number, 
  • Expiration date, 
  • Your name and first name,
  • The visual cryptogram (3 digits security code on the back of the card).


Step 2: Authenticate via the interface with your bank 

Once your credit card information has been entered and validated, you are temporarily redirected to your bank to approve the transaction. 

A 3D Secure window appears and you may be asked to enter a unique code received by SMS, validate the transaction via your banking application, or simply present your biometric fingerprint, etc.

Please check at the time of booking that you are connected to the internet and the telephone network on your smartphone to authenticate the transaction.


Step 3: Finalise your order

After confirmation and acceptance of the transaction by your bank, your order is finalized!

You will receive, after a few seconds, the confirmation and details of your ticket by email.


➜ For any question about 3D Secure authentication, please contact your bank.

Protection of your bank details

Security of bank details to banks

During the payment process, your bank details are transmitted via the Ogone security system by Worldline, the world leader in payment security.

All your credit card information is transmitted through secure https connections. They are then stored in a highly secure digital safe by Worldline and Amadeus, the central reservation system.

Finally, the numbers are sent to the banking network in an encrypted way to finalise the transaction. 


If you pay online with an American Express card, your transactions are completely secure with the American Express SafeKey® authentication system. 

➜ Read more


Data confidentiality

Your credit card information is strictly confidential and is not kept by Aircalin. Only a unique transaction identifier is recorded at the time of booking. 

www.aircalin.com is regularly audited by online security experts.


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